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The Young Engineers Program from maxon

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maxon supports young engineers and start-ups.


  • Motors, gearheads, and controllers at discounted prices or even free of charge.
  • Technical support from our experts.
  • Promotion and communication of your project on maxon channels (provided that the project is not confidential).

How to take part

Complete the online form. Our expert team will check your entry and inform you whether and in what way your project will be supported.

Event organizer

If you are planning an event, you can also take part in our program. Simply fill out the form and we will contact you. You can benefit from having your event advertised on our communication channels. Your event may also be included in our sponsorship program.

Apply to the Young Engineers Program now:
to the YEP online form

The future is called AGV

The market for automated guided vehicles (AGVs) is booming. According to a study by Research and Markets, the global market for AGVs will grow by 10.8 % to USD 3.64 billion by 2026. The areas of application are diverse, but we show you the top 3 fastest-growing markets for AGVs:

Logistics, medical industry, transportation

maxon - Innovations at the SPS  

  • IDX 56 industrial motors in combination with angular gearboxes and absolute encoders
  • ESCON2 module 60/30, a servo controller of the next generation
  • Sterilizable, high-torque GPX HP gearboxes
  • The extension of the EC frameless DT motors
  • The TSX RIO optical encoder for maximum positioning accuracy
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