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LinMot applications

DM01 Force sensor

Typical applications include the force-controlled assembly of parts or components. Dedicated force control software is installed for this purpose, which can be used to switch dynamically between position and force control. This allows parts to be positioned and joined together with defined pressure.
The force sensor also impresses in process monitoring. Force values are continuously recorded and then compared with the target values. This allows errors or creeping process changes to be detected at an early stage. 

Intelligent assembly

Sensitive assembly or screwing with final tolerances in the millinewton meter range requires complex, usually external measurement technology for screwdriving units. The new PR02 linear rotary motors integrate everything that is needed to perform a demanding fastening task. In addition to the motors for the lifting and turning movement, an optional torque and force sensor can also be integrated into the housing.
During the work process, the PR02 linear rotary motors measure all important variables such as linear position, angle of rotation, feed force and torque and regulate these precisely. Poorly seated fasteners or damaged threads are detected by the two servomotors and the respective sensors.

Processing food with LinMot

LinMot linear motors have been used in the food industry for years. They score points here with industry-specific advantages, such as simple integration, free programmability, dynamics and hygienic design. The drives can be connected to all common control platforms in synchronous operation as well as for simple point-to-point movements. The advantages of servo technology enable the gentle and dynamic processing of food. With the help of stored travel profiles, frequent product changes can be carried out at the touch of a button. As the motors are made of stainless steel and have a high protection class, they can be cleaned under high pressure.

Packaging, filling and sealing with LinMot

The Flexibility of the Linear motors from LinMot offer a decisive advantage. The freely programmable movement and force curve of the drives enables lifting movements to be designed in such a way that the mechanics around the motor remain untouched when changing products. Due to The very low abrasion makes them predestined for cleanroom applications.

Through the use of LinMot stainless steel motors succeed, dosing on the basis of a flow measurement with that of a piston dosing system in a rotary filling machine, as the lifting movement of the filling needles can be mechanically decoupled from the movement of the carousel. 

The use of the purely electrically driven PR02 linear rotary motors, each consisting of a separately controlled linear motor and rotary motor, enables locking solutions that allow the adjustment of the lifting force, impact force, angle of rotation and torque. 

Demo videos

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