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LinMot applications

Linear motors enable innovation in robot grippers

By switching from pneumatic cylinders to linear motors, the machine and plant manufacturer Keller HCW has succeeded in developing a universally applicable robot gripper with a high payload that can even grip, separate and relocate sensitive products safely and gently. The electric direct drives are not only responsible for the high flexibility of the gripper, but also guarantee repeatability, dynamics, precision and, last but not least, energy efficiency that cannot be achieved with pneumatic drives.

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Flexible and fast filling

Combining the advantages of metering based on flow measurement with those of piston metering in a rotary filling machine is what many users want. Tölke, a specialist for packaging machines, has now achieved this feat by using LinMot linear motors. The plant operator benefits from shorter changeover times, less scrap, lower downtimes and a more flexible machine.

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Linear motor as artificial lung for mask tests

Medical oral-nasal masks can help to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Simple additional measures again significantly increase the protective effect here. This has been confirmed by systematic and reproducible tests carried out by OTH Regensburg using a lung simulator that operates with linear motors from LinMot. The latter contributed to the fact that the researchers were able to create the test setup within a few days and start with the test series.

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Application example LinMot linear motors
during printing and labeling

The standardized linear motors from LinMot® are designed for rough everyday industrial use, with bearings and position sensors already integrated in the motor. This turns these motors into actual linear actuators. Compact single-axis and multi-axis controls enable both stand-alone solutions and flexible integration into complex automation environments via fieldbuses (Profibus, DeviceNet, etc.). 


Application example LinMot linear motors
complement or replace pneumatic solutions

The electromagnetic linear motors introduced by LinMot are ideally suited as a supplement or alternative to pneumatic solutions due to their integrated design.

The performance of existing or new systems and machines can be easily increased through the targeted installation of LinMot linear motors. Purely electric solutions can also be realized for the first time.


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