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Product overview


maxon product overview

IDX compact drives

Power at the touch of a button 

The compact maxon IDX drives consist of a motor based on EC-i technology (BLDC), a magnetic absolute encoder (single-turn) and an EPOS4 positioning controller with integrated commutation (FOC). The high-quality design meets the IP65 protection class. The integrated temperature sensors on winding and control are evaluated directly in the drive and allow optimal utilization of the operating range

The compact brushless maxon EC-i motor combined with an EPOS4 positioning controller results in a highly dynamic, powerful drive package.

Features of the IDX

  • Configurable
  • High continuous torque
  • High power density
  • Protection class: IP65
  • Ready for Industry 4.0
  • maxon X drives

    Combine online - configure online - order online

    Configure and combine DC motors (DCX or DC-max) or BLDC motors (ECX SPEED) with planetary gearheads (GPX) and sensors (ENX) according to your individual needs. Quite simply online in the maxon eshop.

    Detailed product data can be viewed online immediately and the 3-data of your configuration is available for download right away.

    Configure your drive here!

    The advantages of the components at a glance

    • Ø 6 - 35 mm
    • Precious metal and graphite brushes
    • Ball and sintered bearings
    • Ø 16 - 26 mm
    • Precious metal and graphite brushes
    • Ball and sintered bearings
    • best price/performance ratio
    • Optimized for high speeds (up to 120,000 rpm)-1)
    • autoclavable up to 2,000 cycles
    • for high torques in the smallest installation space
    • low noise and low backlash
    • For the transmission of high torques and speeds
    • 3-channel encoder in the smallest installation space
    • Pulse count factory programmable

    DC motor

    No one comes closer to 100% efficiency.

    DC motors with ironless rotor and powerful permanent magnets.

    maxon RE motors are energy-efficient DC motors (efficiency > 90 %) equipped with powerful permanent magnets (Rare Earth).

    • Ø 6 - 65 mm
    • 0.3 - 250 Watt
    • Highest power density due to Rare Earth neodymium magnets
    maxon RE-max is the cost-optimized RE series. Thanks to neodymium magnets, the drives achieve high performance.

    • Ø 13 - 29 mm
    • 0.75 - 22 watt
    • inexpensive
    • high performance thanks to neodymium magnet
    maxon A-max stands for high-quality DC motors with an optimal price/performance ratio. The drives rely on the ironless rotor and AlNiCo magnets.

    • Ø 12 - 32 mm
    • 0.5 - 20 Watt
    • ironless rotor and AlNiCo magnets
    • High-quality DC motors with optimum price/performance ratio
    The DC motors of the DC-max program can be configured online.
    • Ø 16, 22 and
      26 mm
    • Graphite and precious metal brushes
    • Sintered and ball bearings

    EC motor

    Micro motors with a strong performance for a long life.

    The electronically commutated maxon EC motors are characterized by favorable torque behavior, high power, an extremely wide speed range and unsurpassed service life. Due to their excellent controllability, precise positioning drives can be realized. maxon EC-max is the cost-optimized EC series. For tight spaces, you can get maxon flat motors.

    • Ø 4 - 90 mm
    • 1.2 - 400 Watt
    • Maximum service life
    • good torque behavior
    • High performance
    • wide speed range
    •  Ø 22 - 32 mm
    • 90 - 480 Watt
    • 4-pole power packs
    • highest performance per unit of volume and weight
    • Maximum service life
    • Ø 16 - 40 mm
    • 5 - 120 Watt
    • Cost-optimized EC motors
    • Ø 9.2 - 90 mm
    • 0.2 - 260 Watt
    • flat design
    • with Hall sensors and integrated electronics
    • Ø 30 - 52 mm
    • 20 - 420 Watt
    • For tight spaces and high torques
    • Consisting of rotor and stator - without bearing and without motor shaft
    • Outer diameter
      from 43 to 90 mm
    • high torque density
    • space-saving integration

    Customized special gearboxes

    When you need more torque

    Our planetary, spur and special gearheads are optimally matched to maxon motors. A maxon precision gearhead is recommended if the power is to be delivered at a greatly increased torque and correspondingly reduced speed. In addition to a broad standard range of spur and planetary gearheads, maxon demonstrates its strengths in customer-specific developments. State-of-the-art materials and manufacturing processes are used (e.g. CIM/MIM). The gearheads are adapted directly to the required motors in the supplier's factory.
    Planetary gear units are suitable for the transmission of high torques. As a rule, the larger gear units are equipped with ball bearings at the gear unit output.
    • Torques
      up to 180 Nm
    • Reductions from
      4:1 to 6285:1
    • High performance in the smallest space
    Spur gears are suitable for small torques. They consist of one or more stages. One stage represents the pairing of two gears. The first gear (pinion) is mounted directly on the motor shaft. The output shaft bearing is usually made of sintered material.
    • Inexpensive
    • Output torque
      up to 2 Nm
    • Reductions from
      6:1 to 5,752:1
    • Low noise
    • High efficiency
    Spindle gear units convert the power generated by the motor into feed speed and feed force. The output shaft bearing can support the highest axial loads.

    • Compact design due to direct mounting of the spindle
    • Contains a planetary gear with integrated radial and thrust bearings
    • High forces and feed rates possible
    • Large selection of spindles for every application

    maxon sensor

    Precise encoders, DC tachos and resolvers with high resolution. For maxon DC and EC drives.

    Encoders, DC tachos and resolvers enable precise evaluation of speed and angle positions and form the basis for high-precision control loops. The mounting is adapted to the motors and must be carried out in the supplier's factory.


    • High resolution of the signals (1-131.072 cpt)
    • Precise regulation
    • 2 or 3 channel versions
    • Optimum matching to maxon motors and electronics
    • Mounting on motors with continuous shaft (for resonance reasons)
    • Suitable for positioning tasks
    • Rotation direction detection
    • Speed from number of pulses per time unit
    • Standard solution for many applications
    • Analog rotor position
    • Analog speed signal
    • For special solutions in combination with sinus commutation for EC motors
    • Unsuitable for positioning tasks
    • Analog speed signal
    • Rotation direction detection

    maxon Micro Drive

    Smallest motors for large applications

    • DC and EC drive systems with Ø < 10 mm
    • Motor types: Ø 4 - 8 mm, 0.03 - 1.2 Watt
    • Enormously small design
    • Use of high-tech ceramic components
    • Use of high power magnets
    • Optimized volume/performance ratio
    • Assembly under clean room conditions
    • Complete systems (motor, gearbox, encoder, electronics)

    Drug delivery systems, prostheses, micropositioning systems, automatic placement machines, etc.


    It has never been easier to stay in control

    All speed and positioning controllers are optimally designed for DC and EC motors up to 1,000 watts. You are quickly networked with CANopen or EtherCAT. Various 4-quadrant servo controllers cover the performance and speed accuracy requirements of maxon DC motors. Electronic commutators of the latest design are available for maxon EC motors.
    The available 1- and 4-quadrant controllers offer various useful additional functions. Positioning controllers are used when the requirements go beyond pure speed and torque control and recurring positioning processes have to take place in complex motion paths. With the EPOS4 (Easy Positioning System), a modular product range for DC and EC motors is available.


    • Optimal tuning to maxon motors
    • Wide range of cables and accessories
    • Customization possible
    • 1-quadrant servo amplifier
    • 4-quadrant servo amplifier
    • EPOS 4: Easy Positioning System with CANopen or EtherCAT interface and CoE (CAN application layer over EtherCAT)
    • Motion controller with integrated power amplifiers
    • Motion controller for up to
      32 Axles
    • Low-cost controls
      for 1 to 3 axles

    maxon ceramic

    Harder than steel.

    maxon ceramic in Sexau (Germany) develops and manufactures precise components using CIM and MIM processes for your specific application. CIM (Ceramic Injection Molding) enables maxon ceramic to manufacture the most complex ceramic molds in accordance with ISO 13485.


    The possible applications of CIM and MIM components are extremely diverse due to the almost unlimited shaping possibilities and the special properties of the materials. From medical and dental technology, to electronics, textile industry, measurement and control technology, there is hardly an industry that does not use the advantages of these manufacturing technologies.
    • Extreme hardness and high wear resistance
    • Flexural strength up to 1,200 N/mm2
    • High temperature and chemical resistance
    • Low specific gravity
    • Biocompatibility
    • Excellent insulators
    • Excellent mechanical properties (similar to cast or rolled steel)
    • High density of 96 - 98%
    • Gas- and pressure-tight due to closed pore space
    • High surface finish
    • Very good corrosion resistance
    • Further treatments such as heat treatment, polishing, electroplating, welding, soldering and machining are possible without any problems
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