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Code of conduct at Maxon

at Maxon

We act on the basis of fairness, professionalism and respect. Therefore, at maxon, all employees are committed to upholding the highest ethical guidelines in their dealings with customers, business partners, competitors and colleagues.

The maxon Group strives for perfection with its products. The same applies to the behavior of all employees, which is why the company adheres to strict rules. This includes

  • Fair play in the marketplace. We oppose corruption and bribery of any kind.

  • Respect. Every employee is treated with the same esteem. We do not tolerate discrimination and harassment of any kind.

  • Employee Protection. In the development, manufacture and supply of its products, the maxon Group attaches great importance to occupational safety and health care.

  • Environment friendly. We are committed to using sustainable materials and gentle production process

  • Open communication. The maxon Group maintains a dialogue with its business partners, its employees, with governmental and regulatory authorities and with the media based on fairness, professionalism and respect.

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